Chains: The best platform designed to allow users to earn, trade, invest and spend across multiple chains.


The cryptocurrency market has basically been developing lately. This market has found its way into the attention of many financial backers around the world. Recently, the cryptocurrency market has been confronted with a DeFi or decentralized finance pattern, which allows financial backers to take advantage of various scam financial highlights and arrangements, for example, trading, betting, agricultural produce, credit/earning, NFT, and other highlights. With the different highlights and settings that the DeFi platform offers, it allows financial backers to amplify their benefits, earn automatic revenue consistently, trade their crypto, and many different things.

In recent years, the financial decentralization sector has become one of the sectors that has experienced very significant and very high development in the cryptocurrency market. Decentralized finance offers financial solutions that have never been offered by other traditional financial platforms. Many of the DeFi platforms currently operating also provide NFT markets, which allow users to trade NFT tokens. For those of you who don’t know, Chains is the conviction in the feature creation processes that they want to address the problem in the marketplace. As we are seeing, this period is a period of strong volatility and purging of poor quality projects, so without the ability to develop, it will be difficult to survive in a fierce market like cryptocurrency, and this is why chains are proving that they have a lot of potential with what they are showing.

What is Chains ?

Chains is a platform focused on building radically user-friendly products for earning, trading, spending, and accumulating cryptocurrency. The platform is designed to help users engage with blockchain-enabled products such as NFTs, DeFi, and more. A single account provides our users with access to a collection of interconnected products and services. It’s been a period of time that we’ve seen this market go up quickly and trends emerge, but I don’t see anything that’s made for good. Stop as many things as they only care about short-term profits and the loss of market sustainability makes the hype around them difficult to realize the advantages of Blockchain technology.

One thing very impressive about Chains is that, with over 200,000 pre-registered users, Chains aims to help its users set up their accounts on the platform in a way that allows them to easily connect with the products and solutions deployed on Chains. In the future, Chains will launch its Prism analytics tool, which lets users compare cryptocurrency prices and view them in a variety of alternative pricing models. A full asset and currency exchange platform is also planned for the future, as well as a marketplace for products and services. Because the marketplace is more than just products, freelancers and businesses can sell services tied to their preferred currencies, creating a digital economy based on cryptocurrencies using chains.

Upcoming Products:

  1. Launchpad

The Launchpad grants users with a Chains account early access to cryptocurrency issued by promising projects early in their lifecycle. Tokens offered for sale on the Launchpad are usually unavailable elsewhere and offer favorable, first-look terms to early adopters interested in supporting the project.

2. Prism

Prism is an analytics service developed by Chains. Prism allows you to track and measure the value of cryptocurrencies, major fiat currencies, stocks, and commodities based on your preferred underlying asset. For example — you can see the price of Tesla stock denominated in Gold or the price of Bitcoin in Litecoin.

3. Exchange

The Chains Exchange is currently under development. Upon launch, it will support 50+ popular trading pairs, as well as multiple CHA trading pairs exclusive to the Chains ecosystem.

4. Marketplace

The Marketplace allows freelancers and businesses to sell their products and services, offering tiered incentives if the other party uses their preferred currencies to pay for said services. The consumer can take advantage of these discounts or pay in an alternate currency of their own choice.


The native token on the Chains platform will be the CHA token.With a project like Chain, the main token will be used as a tool to connect and operate the ecosystem. CHA tokens are designed to provide users with:

  1. Stake based Launchpad participation
  2. Stake based trading fee discount
  3. Fee discounts when used as method of payment
  4. Stake based Airdrop participation
  5. Tiered staking-based referral bonuses
  6. Access to EIC
  7. Payment subsidies when utilized as a medium of exchange
  8. CHA will allow users to buy tokens at discounted prices via the Launchpad

The monetary policy mainly pertains to the token’s total supply and liquidity. It also covers any mechanisms to expand or contract the tokens’ supply as needed by introducing inflation and deflation mechanics.



I think this is quite a potential project, and I also see that Chains founding team owns and operates a successful powerful blockchain. Hopefully, their experience with this market will help them build their projects to be strong.

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